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My passion is photographing birds of prey, specifically, the American Bald Eagle and all species of hawks.  Songbirds, water birds and anything with wings, is never out of the question!  The eagles are where I concentrate most of my viewing observations, waiting patiently,  as I photograph unique and memorable moments.  I began watching birds as a young child. I also found myself drawn to all forms of transportation as a child.  If it's moving or flying, I was then and am now,  always interested in trying to catch a unique picture.  I find it thrilling to catch a moving object!  Now, as an adult, I enjoy being near any form of transportation.  Planes, trains, motor vehicles, equipment and any thing that is not stationary or certain to make a move.  Being in the moment, wanting to share the profound joy of that moment,  is what drives me to carry my camera with me everywhere, and to shoot my best possible compositions.

Being one with nature is my daily ritual.  I live with my husband Mike, in Fawnskin, an area next to Big Bear Lake.  It has provided me with the perfect canvas for my creative outlet.  In 2009, Mike, began  'Lucky Bear Fishing Charters' guided rainbow trout tours. I am 'First Mate'

for Mike on his charter fishing boat.  As Mike was guiding the fishing, I fell in love with photographing fishermen, fisherwomen and kids, along  with photographing their catch, be it  rainbow trout, bass, carp, etc.  I also found myself photographing various boaters, kayakers, native birds, deer, coyotes, insects and reptiles, as well as interesting scenic backdrops. Landscapes that are mysterious or unusual, is another preference of mine, as well as shots of the moon in different lunar phases and spectacular sunrises and sunsets.  There are wide varieties  of plants and flowers, cacti and trees, and critters and birds to capture all around the lake.

I'm rarely seen without my camera on hand once the day has begun.  "Falling into Photography" is how I describe my joy of taking pictures.  I have never been traditionally schooled in photography.  I have been most fortunate, to receive instructions and lessons from my 'professional' photographer and dear friend. This teacher has spent many hours instructing me, guiding me, and showering me with little nuances , new ways of 'seeing'  as well as insight on much better gear.  His help has pushed me to excel, to be my ultimate best.  It is this treasured and cherished knowledge, along with my creative growth and developed abilities, which has  fueled my desire to be the best I photographer I can be, while always striving to be better and to exceed my own expectations and goals.  

​Photographs of the  Big Bear Lake Bald Eagles including "STORMY" the world famous bald eagle of Big Bear Lake,  and his parents, are available at several local retailers.

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